DemoCamp Austin :: Recap

I just posted a quick recap of DemoCamp Austin over on the Bootstrap Austin blog and wanted to do the same here. It was an amazing turnout and really cool that Cafe Caffeine let us take over the whole place.

Also, on a quick sidenote, there is a small festering group of Dallasites (yes there is a cure for that) who for some reason have decided that Dallas has a ‘cooler’ tech scene than Austin. What? Um, I’ve seen the really exciting pics of DemoCamp Dallas and I was at the Austin event (flickr, SnapPages). Not sure if the lights are off for naptime or if they snuck into an old office building but nothing says cool like lights, caffeine and a dude in a blue bandana… that’s #$@% cool!

All jokes aside thanks to everyone who made is out and all of the companies that presented. I think it was really helpful and we hope to do it every quarter as interest allows.

2 thoughts on “DemoCamp Austin :: Recap

  • I live here in the DFW area, and let me tell you, that picture couldn’t better sum up the “tech-y” scene here….dismal and always trying to play catch up to Austin and other truly creative towns.

    But, because it’s like when you make fun of your sister and it’s OK but then when someone else makes fun of her, you totally beat the crap out of them, so, by obligation, I have to defend “her” (her being Dallas)….

    Secretly, of course, I loathe the big D and am better suited for Austin…shhh, don’t tell Dallas that.

    Thanks for the recap man!

  • Hey, they started it! 🙂

    Dallas is just a huge place and from what I remember when I worked up there, everyone was from somewhere else. Hopefully more Barcamps & Democamps will help get things turned around. Maybe in a more exciting location??

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