Cantanker + AMODA / SXSWi = overload

Cantanker magazine has just released issue number 3 and are throwing another party to celebrate. This times its Optophonique: A Collision of Video, Sounds & Performance. Not sure I know what that means but it sounds cool right? The shin-dig is scheduled for Saturday, March 10th from 8-12 midnight. More info on the Cantanker site announcement.
It also happens that AMODA is throwing their latest Digital Showcase as part of SXSW Interactive the same night. So there are two options for video collisions and general greatness.

4 thoughts on “Cantanker + AMODA / SXSWi = overload

  • My bad, I was trying to think of someone at innerTee, but my mind blanked and before I knew it, I already hit “submit comment.” Basically, look at the comment like this:

    “You gotta know when to say ‘(name of innerTee employee), you go!'”

    That was my intention…you know, it’s hard to be clever and funny in the morning, it really is.

  • lol – you were right – Eric is our designer, I was calling him out…. it seems he’s not reading the blog… 🙂

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