Weekend plans :: SXSW BarCamp Mashup

Well its finally here, only the most awesomeist week of stuff that I can never seem to figure out where I want to go, see, do or miss. that’s right SXSW! And just to make it even more interesting those crazy BarCamp folks are throwing their own un-conference at the same time.

It should be a great time and there are like 500 parties a night so its never boring. I’ve also setup a Twitter account so we’ll see how that goes. It seems pretty cool at first but then 28 text messages 3 min later I’m not so sure. There’s a little orange box on the blog now where my pearls of wisdom & knowledge (or lack there of) will show up from time to time. If you’re in town and want to chat just post a comment or add us as your Twitter friend (no I don’t talk funny). Then you can get all the annoying messages we send out sometime after 3:00AM.

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