It’s alive!

Innertee logo

The new phonebooks are here! Well, pretty close. We’ve finally decided on a logo for Innertee and its pretty out-there, in a good way of course. We tossed around a bunch of ideas and one of the main things that kept coming up was how generic they were. Most of the ideas were based off of some sort of graphic representation of a t-shirt. Nothing to get excited about really and they were pretty boring visually. Just another ‘me too’ logo that you wouldn’t remember 5 minutes after you saw it.

Thankfully my good friend Steve Gaines over at the Clockwork Group had a much better idea. The t-shirt sporting monk is a thing of beauty and just brings a smile to your face. I think it is one of those logos where you ‘get it’ without much explination. There are a ton of marketing ideas that the monk has spawned so that alone has really gotten the creative juices flowing. Thanks Steve! (Note: Steve is also blogging about his trip to adopt two childern from Kazakhstan over at

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