FatCaps – Series 1 @ Kid Robot

FatCap Series 1

The new FatCaps from Montana Colors are now available at Kid Robot and they are awesome. From the site:

Curated by spray paint gods Montana Colors of Spain comes Fatcaps Series 1 featuring original designs from:

Cycle, DEPH, DER, Devious, DoMa, Elfo, Freaklub, Koa, MAZE23, Moockie, MontanaColors, Nano4814, Nico Berry, Puke, Shok1, TILT, Zeta

Who are all these people you ask? They’re graffiti artists from around the globe putting their stamp on the newest mixed artist platform toy from Kidrobot. Each designed with love from the streets of their respective countries. Plus the caps rattle!

These guys just look cool and for $5.95 each you might as well get a few or you can buy an entire case for $134.95 with free shipping if you just have to own them all. You can also sign-up to win an entire case for FREE by joining the mailing list!

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